Casings (Collagen, Natural, Smallgoods)



Coria 23m Black and Gold

Coria 23 processed Collagen

Coria 26mm Fresh

Coria Casing 30mm

Devro  22mm butchers fresh

Devro  HALAL 22 processed

Devro 23mm Kabana ACH001

Devro 23 F/furt Red

Devro 26mm Fresh

#Devro 28 Brown

#Devro 30mm processed

Devro Fresh 30mm

Devro Kabana 30m Brown

Devro 30 Red

Devro 30CCA0003 Coria Proc Clear

Naturin 23                          Lesnie’s

Naturin 26  Lesnie’s

Naturin 30  Lesnie’s


*Subject to availability

        # Carton Buy only. 



Items in Bold are stock lines






Teepak Fresh 23 030158

Teepak processed  23 clear


Natural Casings

Hog 26/28

Hog 28/32

Hog 32/35

Casings Hog 32/36  Tubed (x2)

Hog 38/42

Bungs & Runners available on request

Sheep casings 24/26 Tubed

Smallgood Casings


*F6 pre-stuck clipped

*F9   Fibrous Casing

*F 10 Fibrous Casing

*F12 Fibrous

Naturin 43mm Casings

43 x 500 Middle Casings

43mm Kranzdarm Natural

43mm Kranzdarm Salmon Red

MP 4×4 casing 195×600

48 x 500 Fibrous

48 x 1000 Fibrous

90 x 500 Moisture Proof