Custom Printing and sizes available on request


Plastic Bags

Carry Bag Large

Carry Bags Medium

Carry Bags Small

Carry Bags Co-Extruded

Carton Liners  640x390x640

Ice/sausage cover bags (approx 600×900)

Low Density bags 450×600

Roll bag with gusset

Packaging Miscellaneous

Baking Paper

Bone guard 9″ roll

Carton Strapping

Chicken loops mixed colours

Chicken Loops White Small

Container Rect/round T/away/Freezer

Lid  Rect/round T/away/Freezer

Eze Bake paper 120m x 30cm

Foil All Purpose Catering

Foil Bag Large

Grease proof paper

Meat Saver Paper

Pack Tape

Pallet Wrap

Skewers 20cm x 3mm

Skewers 25cm x 4mm

Slap Sheet Roll

Steakette Roll


Twine Butchers & Coloured