HACCP & Food Safety Programs

Any company that is involved in cooking, processing, growing, transporting, supplying or serving fresh, frozen or any type of food requires a HACCP Food Safety Program.

The purpose of the HACCP Plan is to:

  1. Describe the product/s to be prepared
  2. Identify each of the steps in the preparation of the product/s
  3. For each step of the process – identify the potential hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur;
  4. Identify the means of control of each potential hazard
  5. For each significant hazard that is identified – identify:
  1. The critical control points
  2. The critical limits; and;
  3. The procedures to be used to monitor the potential hazards to ensure compliance with each critical limit including:
  • The frequency with which these procedures are to be performed; and
  • The person or persons who are to carry out these procedures; and
  • The Corrective Action to be taken if a critical limit is exceeded.

Mandez Offers:

  • Cost effective HACCP Plans.
  • Food Safety Plans.
  • Development of HACCP and Food Safety Programs.
  • Develop work instructions for staff.
  • Assistance with Implementation of HACCP and Food Safety Programs including staff training if required.
  • First and Second Party Auditing dedicated to the meat, poultry, seafood and smallgoods industry.
  • Third Party Auditing by arrangement.
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